Key global regulatory trajectories are changing how your data can be used as an asset.

Civic Data know how to navigate these for you.

The ACCC & other regulators globally have made it very clear that they are focused on how data is collected, used and stored in relation to communications. 

We will help you understand and comply with the erratic patchwork of global privacy regulations. 

Civic Data guide our clients through this fast evolving “consent, auditing and governance” technology sector.

We ensure every department knows how to collect, store, handle, share & activate experiences using personal data, in an ethical and compliant manner.

We deliver projects that allow consumers to exert their own consent & control over their data, at a granular level. 

One rapid, small example:   

We can let you know today if your website partners are leaking personal information across the internet.

  • Ask us for an immediate PII audit, and we will send it to you today, in confidence.
  • It’s better that we find it. Before a journalist or regulator does.
  • Our reputation management teams are ready to manage the communications if needed.